Corinthian Baptist Church is a Missionary church that was founded on April 15, 1919 by Reverend Benjamin H. Whiting and 35 true believers. In a prayer meeting led by the late Rev. A. J. Tyler, Corinthian's first home was at 4th and K Streets, NW. In 1920, Corinthian moved to 4th and Q Streets, NW. In 1927, Rev. Whiting was called to Friendship Baptist Church and Rev. Wesley Wheeler became the Pastor. In 1930, Rev. Wheeler resigned and Rev. George Taylor became the Pastor. Property was purchased at 1615 3rd Street, NW in 1931. This was Corinthian's home for 17 years. In 1933, Pastor Taylor resigned and Rev. Samuel Sawyer became the Pastor. In 1939, Pastor Sawyer resigned and Rev. Robert Patterson Gainey became the Pastor.
In 1948, we moved to 44 Q Street, NW. In 1957, the members were again looking for a larger building. The edifice at 500 I Street, NW was purchased for $90,000. In 1977, Rev. Cassell Ward was elected as Assistant Pastor; co-Pastor in 1979. On March 15, 1980, Pastor Gainey passed and Rev. Ward was elected as Pastor. On June 20, 1997, after 17 years of outstanding service, Pastor Ward passed.


On September 26, 1998, Bishop James L. Martin, Sr. was elected as Pastor.In December 2005, Corinthian purchased property at 6705 Good Luck Road, Lanham, Maryland. On April 16, 2006, the church relocated to Lanham, Maryland, where we are currently giving God a "crazy praise!"

We want to be prepared for whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to do, and wherever the Holy Spirit leads us to go; for we know that "all things are possible through Christ who gives us strength".