C all sinners to repentance
O ffer the sacrifice of praise
R evive the believer
I nstruct the sinner
N urture those who are weak in the faith
T rust in the Lord and seek His direction
H elp those who are in need
I ncrease our faith through the Word of God
A bstain from that which is not like God, and
N ever be ashamed to witness salvation to a dying

We are the Corinthian Baptist Church committed to the ministries of service, worship, and discipleship. In service, we seek to equip ourselves for the advancement of the Kingdom of God as we lift each other in prayer and encourage one another through the fellowship as believers in Christ; in worship, we glorify God; through discipleship, we are determined to disciple the world for Christ. Because of our love for the Lord and our passion to reach the lost, we are a church on the move for God, as we prepare hearts – in our church, in our community, and in our homes – for the Kingdom of God.